After flying in late Sunday night I woke up early Monday morning for training.  After a full day of training, I set off exploring in lower Manhattan.  First I walked into Battery park to look at Clinton Castle, the World Trade Center Memorial, the American Merchant Marines Memorial, and the East Coast Memorial.  All this while keeping a distant eye on the Statue of Liberty.  After Battery Park I started walking up the seaside toward the Brooklyn Bridge.

On Tuesday, I left Training a bit earlier (after owning the challenge at the end of the first class 🙂 and went to Central Park.  This marked the first time that I rode the New York Subway System and, obviously, the first time in Central Park.  The contrast between the large and dominating structures that surround the park and the well maintained natural beauty in the park was striking.  I walked around for almost two hours and still did not see half of it!

On my third day in Manhattan I decided to explore the financial area.  After getting done with training, I started walking northwest until I got to Wall Street and walked around the blocks for a few hours.  Unfortunately, it was after hours so the exchange was closed but it was pretty neat being able to see the architecture and statues.

On my last full day in the city I decided see the Empire State Building and hit a few other spots on the way.  First I walked up to the World Trade Center area and then to Times Square.  Finally, shortly after dark I ended up at the Empire State Building.

On my fifth and final day, I decided to take a ferry out to the Liberty and Ellis Islands.  Being able to visit these areas was incredible and Ellis Island was a particular interest as some of my ancestors actually immigrated to the United States through this facility.

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